Top 6 Hikes & Hidden Gems of The West Coast

Top 6 Hikes & Hidden Gems of The West Coast

Arguably known as the "Best Coast", the West Coast is notorious for its endless and absolutely remarkable adventures. We've been blessed enough to traverse this wonderful region up and down, and have created our list of favorite West Coast adventures for you to enjoy. Check them out yourselves!


The serenity of Cannon Beach cannot be matched by many other locations. A small town located Northwest of Portland, the area itself has everything to offer from a beautiful beach, local breweries, and great cafes alike. Make sure to grab a photo in front of Haystack Rock before you leave town.


Diablo Lake is one of those regions you don't believe exists until you lay eyes upon it yourself. Slightly unearthly and almost tear inducing, we promise this view will be one of your all-time favorites. Pro tip: although the Diablo Lake hiking trail is 7 miles of bliss on its own, the best view comes from the Diablo Lake Overlook which has tons of parking. The overlook is a short drive past the trailhead, so make sure to stop after your hike and take in this incredible view!


Mount Rainier is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Seattle area, and rightfully so. An easy two and a half hours from the city, this mountain has numerous trailheads and something to offer for every hiker. A mix of bright colors and snowcapped mountains, make sure to take this view in slowly.



 The absolute definition of a hidden gem. This spot is a little difficult to find - the trailhead starts essentially in someone's backyard in the middle of Suburban San Diego - but worth every ounce of effort. Disclaimer: our photos do not nearly picture how difficult this hike can be, and definitely proceed with caution. The extreme smoothness of the rocky surface makes this hike almost slippery with several opportunities to slide into a cliff, and finishes off with a small repelling section into the beach. However, Black's Beach is one of the most peaceful we've ever laid eyes on. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, this beach is unlike any other, and is completely worth the ride.


This state park is a small luxury that we accidentally stumbled upon. A little off the beaten path and not immediately recognizable, Smith Rock is filled with several trails and mountain walls alike. If rock climbing is your thing, this place will quickly become your favorite little getaway.



Rattlesnake Ledge is a local favorite, and for all the right reasons. Clocking in at 4 miles roundtrip, this hike has a beautiful vista outlook for not too crazy of an effort. Make sure to take the hike super early in the morning or before dawn... this one tends to get busy pretty fast. 

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