Ski Trips On A Budget

Ski Trips On A Budget


Sometimes being a Modern Roamer means often roaming to the slopes. As avid snowboarders, we understand both the thrill and expenses relative with getting a good powder day in. If you're planning on taking your winter adventures seriously this year, here are some general tips to keeping your ski budget simple


1. Buy Lift Tickets in Advance

Whether you're planning a single day or week-long trip, try to plan ahead in order to purchase lift tickets as early as possible. Some larger resorts are known to increase their prices at the window, or even if there is a higher demand than usual on a given day.

 2. Get Rid of Renting, Purchase Gear in the Summer

 If you know you've fallen in love with your sport or even just want to go for multiple seasons, consider buying your gear instead of renting each time. Not only will you have the advantage of learning the traits of your gear, you'll save a ton of money by making a single investment. Additionally, look for gear in the summer, as many major brands and suppliers will have off-season sales to make room for the newest lineup of gear.

3. Pack For the Day

Not only can lodges be hectic, their food can also be insanely expensive. If you feel comfortable wearing a backpack, try packing for the entire day by bringing your own food and water bottle. You'll maximize both time spent on the mountain and the cash in your pocket.

4. Buy Tickets From Local Shops

 This may not apply for larger resorts, but we've learned that several smaller mountains will often be near rental shops offering lift tickets for a significantly cheaper price. On the drive up, keep an eye out for local ski/snow rental shops and take a quick wander in. It could save you some cash and time waiting in line.

5. Avoid Peak Days

We know the enjoyment behind headed to the mountain on a weekend, but so do resort managers who are keen on fluctuating ticket prices. If you have some time off on your hands, try heading to the mountain on a Monday or Tuesday, where tickets prices will very often be significantly marked down.


No matter the mountain, day, or sport, put on your gear and Roam With Us.




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