Our Favorite Products To Roam With

Our Favorite Products To Roam With

It's 2021 and what it means to travel is still changing by the day. Maybe your job has turned remote and you want to explore your personal office options. Maybe you finally feel safe enough to travel again. Either way, you need the right hardware to get you through. Here are our top 5 favorite products we choose to travel with:


Nomad Base Station



Nomad is known for their long-lasting leather products, designed for those planning to take their gear the extra level. Their Base Station is a convenient way to charge up to four devices simultaneously without creating clutter on your desk. Check out their multiple versions of the Base Station here.


Thread Wallets Phone Case



As a Modern Roamer, we are constantly on the move. There's no saying how many times we've lost our wallets, lost the cards inside, or forgot to bring them altogether. With your essential cards and cash attached to your phone, there's no more leaving line at the coffee shop because you forgot your debit card. Check out their phone case wallets and even their minimalist leather bifold wallets.


 Mizu Water Bottle



What's a better way to help the environment and travel minimally than with a water bottle? Packed with different styles and colors, Mizu is our preferred way to stay hydrated while traveling. They even have coffee mugs and stainless steel shot glasses for those hoping to bring their good time on the road.


Moment Tele Phone Lens



There's no doubting that we love a good photoshoot. Moment offers photography lenses that attach right to your cellphone, letting you avoid carrying around a clunky DSLR camera with you. Their mobile lenses range from anything to fisheye to wide-angle, though we're really loving their telephoto lens as of late.


 Burton Day Hiker 25L Backpack



The be all, end all of travel backpacks. This backpack is waterproof, includes a laptop sleeve, multiple interior pockets for passports and smaller items, and more sleeves than you'll know what to do with. The Day Hiker sold out quickly on Burton's website, but can still be found for purchase here

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