Everyday Tips to Help Stop Global Warming

Everyday Tips to Help Stop Global Warming

As much as we all want to ignore the issue, global warming is affecting us every single day without our recognition. We'll be the first to admit that a few extra days in the sun with sandals excites us too, but the thought of spring-time weather when it's normally winter is a bit harrowing. If you're looking to help, here are 5 ordinary things you can do to maintain the earth's climate:

1. Nice day out? Plant a tree

If you're like me, you'll take any opportunity to be outside on a beautiful summer day. While there's nothing wrong with lounging out by the pool or with a book, change it up every once in awhile and help plant a tree. Not only will newly planted trees help reduce carbon dioxide levels, but a group of trees can also help lower the overall temperature of your house or neighborhood.

2. Buy a water bottle

 Even if you are recycling your plastic water bottles, the energy it takes to create, refrigerate, and even transport that bottle to your local grocery store is putting out a very large number of harmful gas emissions. A reusable bottle not only looks cooler, but eliminates a large amount of this production energy. (And if we get enough requests, we'll start making our own reusable bottles, too).

3. Drive less often

There's no doubting that the amount of vehicles on the road are one of the largest combatants to global warming. We know it may not always be practical, but challenge yourself to use other means of transportation when at all possible.

4. Check your tire pressure

If using another mode of transportation is not an option for you, make sure that your tires have the correct amount of pressure in them before your next drive. Properly inflated tires can help improve your overall gas mileage, and could help you save a few dollars, too.

5. Use less hot water

Listen, we get how wonderful a long, hot shower feels after an exhausting day. As the seasons change and we start more outdoor activities, challenge yourself to use cooler water when washing your clothes or jumping in the shower.

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