7 Tips For the Remote Worker

7 Tips For the Remote Worker


Working remote is a luxury that both our team and thousands of others get to experience daily. Although incredibly convenient, being a digital worker can become a little too relaxing, and can take a toll on the efficiency of your projects. Use these tips to help your work regimen whether you're a traveling nomad, a freelancer, or working from your apartment everyday.


1. Portable Power is Crucial

As someone who personally works out of a coffee shop 70% of the week, there is nothing worse than being heavily invested in a project when there's no power outlet in sight. Invest in a powerful power bank that can charge both a laptop and phone, and maybe even at the same time.


2. Get Out Of Your Pajamas

This doesn't have to be all too serious, as our team spends most of our days in some sort of athletic attire. We've simply found that staying in the clothes you sleep in all day will make you want to.. well... just sleep. And hey, if you need some comfortable clothes to move around in all day, we might have you covered.


3. Separate Work and Living Spaces

On a similar note, working in your bed will only make you want to go to bed. Create different environments for different tasks, and make a habit to only do said tasks in designated areas. Whether it's working from the kitchen counter or eating dinner on the couch, make a system that works for you and stick to it.


4. Take A Break

There's a reason you chose to work remotely, right? Make sure to take breaks from your hectic schedule and take advantage of your surroundings. Keeping a healthy work/life balance is crucial for efficiently keeping away from an office.


5. Embrace A Back-Up

No matter if it's a hard-drive, cloud-based software, or even a second device, keeping a backup of all of your work is incredibly crucial. Freelancers especially won't have any other support or someone to replace their hard work, so make sure a second copy is always readily available.


6. Don't Stay Stagnant

This should be considered in both a small and large sense. On a smaller scale, get out of your apartment if you find your work space is boring you. Don't be afraid to try a new coffee shop or anywhere with a counter and WiFi to keep your sights fresh. On a larger scale, utilize your freedom and keep a travel bucket list. No matter how much you love the city you're currently working from, there are hundreds of thousands of new regions waiting to be explored.

7. Keep An Organized Workspace

 Simply put, a clean desk allows a clean mind. If you're working from a cafe for the day, only pack the essentials that you need for the day's projects.



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