3 Environmental Issues You Should Be Paying Attention To

3 Environmental Issues You Should Be Paying Attention To


 As a Modern Roamer, we're dedicated to not only providing you with comfortable clothing, but to helping our beautiful planet with every given opportunity. It's not everyday we get the chance to help as much as we'd like, but we can stay informed and aware. 


1. The Joshua Tree May Become Extinct... And We're Not Helping Any


The Joshua Tree, known infamously in southern California and Arizona for its unusual shapes, have been fighting to be considered endangered for several years. Due to recent climate changes and the trajectory of our planet’s heat index, Joshua Trees are expected to not be able to survive the ever-growing and extreme desert conditions. The problem though, is that federal officials don’t feel the need to consider the plant endangered, thus eliminating any chance of financial or environmental protection.



2. Brazil's Rainforests Are Being Cut Down At An Astronomic Rate


It’s no surprise that the amazons of Brazil have faced several deforestation issues over the years. The problem now is that at a time when financial and industrial development is highly desired by the local government, we are simultaneously dealing with an ever-growing and international carbon issue. Simply put, climate change is a very serious threat and is directly influenced by carbon emissions. And with Brazil’s rainforests being a very large solution to this carbon issue, our planet is facing a very serious problem with its potential elimination.



3. The Arctic Is Still Melting.


There’s no doubting that the melting of arctic glaciers has been a serious issue for over a decade. As our planet’s temperature begins to increase, these ice-capped structures have no other fate than to melt away. The new issue is the increased amount of sea channels and how carriers are choosing to take advantage of them. If there are no blockages of ice to halt boats and their cargo, there will be an increase in the carbon levels emitted from said sea-vessels. It’s a vicious cycle, my friends.

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